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Barrel O Slime

What is Barrel o Slime?

Imagine a liquid that doesn't get you wet. You can pour it from its container but it won't short circuit your keyboard. You can splash it and slosh it about without worrying about ruining that dry clean only suit. It sticks together but it isn't sticky. You can tear it apart and it rejoins seamlessly ready to be poured back into its container, or thrown about as you bounce on a trampoline; pretending you're an astronaut who's left the tap on.

So it's a solid liquid?

Well... almost, it's hard to describe quite what Barrel o Slime's like because there's nothing else in the world like it. In a nutshell: Barrel o Slime is quite unlike anything we've seen before. Allow us to elaborate...
Contained within a mini "Toxic Waste" drum, the non-toxic goo makes a satisfying sploshing sound when shaken, pour it from its container into the hands of an unsuspecting friend and watch with glee as they shriek in disgust, cupping their hands so the 'liquid' doesn't slip through their fingers. Then watch their amazed expressions as you coolly and calmly pick the slime up like a small, shiny kitten by the scruff of it's neck. Leaving behind a pair of dry (and banana-scented) hands. Amazing!
We're pretty sure that if barrel of slime was around while James Cameron was filming Terminator:2's famous steel factory scene, he could have come up with a much cheaper, more realistic liquid metal effect. A bold statement movie buffs might proclaim but we stand by our guns. Barrel of Slime has to be seen and, more importantly, held to be believed.


  • Non-Toxic.
  • It won't stick, or stain skin.
  • Not recommended for use on or around carpet.
  • Ages 3+.