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Ostrich/Emu Pillow - The Big One

Ostrich Pillow is a revolutionary new product to enable easy power naps anytime, everywhere, Ostrich Pillow's unique design offers a micro environment in which to take a cozy and comfortable power nap at ease. Ostrich Pillow has been designed to allow you to create a little private space within a public one, to relax and unwind. Its soothing soft interior shelters and isolates your head and hands (mind and body) for a short break, without needing to leave your desk, chair, bench or wherever you may be. Ostrich Pillow has been designed with fun and function in mind. Simply slip the soft pillow over your head and place the central opening over your mouth to facilitate breathing. The top two openings are designed to create further comfort while enabling you to rest your hands/arms through these. This is a particularly comfortable position while resting on a flat surface such as a desk. Happy Napping. Not intended for children 16 and under.

OSTRICH PILLOW offers a micro environment in which to take a comfortable power nap in the office, travelling or wherever you want.

OSTRICH PILLOW is a revolutionary power-napping device. Catching some comfortable rest on the go has never been easier.

After much testing we recommend you gently spot clean OSTRICHPILLOW , using mild soap and water, make sure you thoroughly air dry afterwards.  Bear in mind it may take a few days to thoroughly dry out your napping pal, particularly if you live in a damp or humid climate.

Please do not machine wash, tumble dry, iron, bleach or dry clean your OSTRICHPILLOW , these processes will damage your pillow and interrupt your trendy napping style!


  • Made of flexible fabric and filled with pillow fabric
  • Do not use in fire or near water
  • Not for children under 16
  • Do not smoke while using this product
  • Dry-clean only
  • Size – cm: 45L x 28W x 15H
  • Size – Inches: 17.7L x 11W x 5.9H
  • Circumference opening for the head – cm : 70
  • Circumference opening for the head – Inches : 27.6
  • Fabric: 95 % Viscose – 5% Elastomer
  • Filling: fabric filling