Green log pillow (wood grain)


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Green Log Pillow (Wood Grain)

The Log Pillow is a pleasing sight, indeed. A great gift for the tree hugger, or eco-warrior.

Gone are the days when people sleep on un-cultured pillows that don't represent their level of eco-friendliness, come are the days when we start sleeping like logs, on top of logs. This geeky pillow is super soft, and great for anybody who is a tree lover and enjoys relaxing. 

The Log Pillow is insect-free and ready to help you fall asleep. Put a little style into your home with this pillow, and everyone will know how it is. "What do you mean by that?" I mean that your guests will know what happens if they don't recycle their bottles - they'll have to be thrown into the pit of despair. And nobody likes that, so we'd better tell them upfront how things are going to go down.

Item specifics:

  • Part: Neck
  • Use: Body
  • Shape: Oblong
  • Use: Neck, Sleeping, Airplane, Bedding
  • Age Group: Children