'real' 50 calibre bullet bottle opener - lots of 10 (wholesale sales only)


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You may have seen the ‘replica’ bullet bottle openers in shops or online (We even sell a couple of the replica models) but we have just been given approval from the local Police and Customs authorities to source and produce a bottle opener from a Real Cartridge.

Our new 50 Cal. Bullet Bottle Opener is sourced from SE Asia and has been used for army training exercises. Yes that’s right, the bottle opener you are about to purchase has been in the chamber of an army rifle or machine gun.

Please note, this isn't the bullet that comes in the gift box.
(Check our other listing for that product)


  • 145mm tall
  • Comes packaged on a backing card


Frequently asked questions:

1.       Is it really made from a real bullet cartridge?  Yes, it is a real (used) cartridge. The bullet/projectile is of course a reproduction as we can’t use them again (For obvious reasons)

2.        Why is there a hole in the base of the cartridge where the firing pin/primer used to be? – Real 50 Cal. Bullets are classified as an item of war by Australian Customs. We have restrictions on what we can import under this classification. To obtain approval for import we need to remove the firing pin/primer from the base of each cartridge

3.       What are the numbers printed on the base of the cartridge for? – These numbers define the production facility/country that produced the bullet. If you do a bit of homework you will realise that our product is the real deal. The other replica products in the market all have the code ‘79’ which is not a real production facility stamp.

 4.       Is the cartridge made of 100% Brass? – No, our product has a brass coating only. There are only two countries in the world that produce a 50 Calibre cartridge using a steel/alloy compound (These are Russia and China). Almost all western countries use pure brass as it is a lighter material but also has a higher production cost.

 5.       Why is the cartridge a little scratched? Why does it have a small dent? – Our product is produced using a real, once fired 50 Cal. cartridge which is sourced from an Army. We can’t guarantee that every cartridge will be perfect, given that our product has not been mass produced specifically for retail, we would hope that our customers appreciate the authenticity that dents and scratches bring.

 6.       Are your Real Bullet Bottle Openers legal? – Yes, we can only legally import after we have decommissioned to the satisfaction of the Police and Customs authorities. Our bullets are perfectly legal.

 7.        Do you sell in Wholesale lots? – Yes we do, but we have restrictions on how many we can produce each month. As our product is made from a real fired bullet we don’t have an endless supply (Unlike the replica products). Contact us if you would like more detail or have a proposal.