Sneaky/hidden binocular flask (500ml)


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Sneaky Binocular Flask (500ml)

It's racing season and we all know how expensive drinks are at the races...

The sneaky binocular flask holds 500ml of your favourite drink.

Take any liquor incognito to sporting events, races or concerts in this imaginative, secret flask.

Only you'll know that these binoculars are really two individual plastic flasks. Holding 500ml in two separated 250ml barrels, there's plenty of room to store your manly whiskey and her favourite vodka too. Our binocular flask comes complete with an easy fill funnel and plastic carrying strap to put around your neck (Just like the real ones).

Liquor not included.

Features of our Secret Binocular Flask:

  • Take any liquor incognito to concerts or sporting events in this imaginative, secret flask
  • Only you'll know that these “barnoculars” are really two individual plastic flasks
  • Holding a total of 500ml


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I actually use them as binoculars?

Sorry folks, the binocular flask is 100 percent made for drinking and not looking. It holds 500ml of fun times, but we don’t recommend actually trying to use them for seeing things at a distance, you’ll just get wet.

Can I fill mine with soft drink?

Sure, we don’t know why you would, but sure. The flask can hold any type of liquid you want. That 50-year-old scotch will taste heavenly, as will the Red Bull.