Aunt Trudy who hasn’t seen you since you used to streak across the lawn (no, not at Uni, in childhood) has an excuse, but somehow, even those who see us every day seem to have absurd ideas about which Christmas presents we would love.

In fact, the unwanted gift phenomenon is so widespread that all major stores allocate extra staff to handle returns after every major holiday. Here is our simple guide to understanding why so many gifts end up right back on the shelves after Christmas, and to avoid being a horrible gift giver yourself.


One of the reasons is simple – most people’s ideas of the perfect gift for someone aligns suspiciously closely with what they would like to receive themselves.

Remember Aunt Trudy’s lovingly-knit sweaters? Believe me, she would love a hand-knit sweater.

Remember when you received that foot spa, the one that you have used three times in two years?

Think back to who gifted it - they would probably love a foot spa.


People judge. From first impressions and more, from height to weight to voice, they decide what others are like, and what presents they would love to get. Unfortunately, like they say: a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.

When it comes to major holiday season, everyone’s in a hurry trying to tick you off their list. They might spend less time thinking of what you like and rely on what little stands out most prominently about you.

If you wear glasses, they might get you books. If you wear a baseball bat, they might get you a baseball bat. Risk drinking too much milk and they might get you a cow. Or worse, a yak. Trust me, those things are terrible to live with, what with all the hair in the shower.


If your asked your boyfriend if he liked cats and he smiled and nodded with a glazed look in his eyes, he was probably thinking of kicking cats. You could punish him with that adorable cat print sofa cover but it would be better to sit him down and get the truth out of him.

Giving noncommittal shrugs and grunts instead of an honest ‘I love it!’ or ‘No way!’ is probably a major cause for why so many gifts get returned.


At BoyzToys, we shrug off the usual list of gift ideas you can find on most other sites. Instead, we concentrate on:

  • Unusual gifts
  • Unique gifts
  • Customised gifts
  • Personalised gifts
  • Cool gift ideas

Great gift ideas take time and cool gifts can be hard to find, except when you let BoyzToys handle the selection. Our range of Christmas gift ideas includes Christmas gifts for men, gift ideas for women, and cool gifts for everyone.

Unique gift ideas might not be the first thing on the minds of Christmas shoppers because it is so much easier to just pick something up quickly. When you and your loved ones use BoyzToys, you get the cool Christmas gifts you all want with the least effort.

Of course, the smiles on their faces (and yours) are all the reward you need.

  • Oct 21, 2017
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