What to get my Wife for her birthday.

At least you didn't forget this year, what with all the calendar reminders on your phone, email and social media. And if you still did and are buying a belated present.... yeah, join the club.

Either way, the right choice of birthday gift for your wife will put you in the clear for the next 365 days. Or 366, 367...

At We Do Gifts, we know that birthday gifts for her mean a lot of hard thinking for you. We developed our collection of birthday gift ideas with that little touch of personality, that little essence of genuine thought that will bring a smile to her face no matter what a blundering oaf you have been/ are/ will always be.


Heat-sensitive I ♥ U Mug

Boring I  U crockery? Not at We Do Gifts!

What seems like a rather plain old blegh! adorned-with-hearts mug is actually much more. Some of the hearts are painted with a heat-sensitive ceramic paint which causes them to fade into the white background when exposed to high temperatures. The remaining hearts spell out I  U.

We strongly recommend you do not tell the gorgeous lady about this feature when you give her the present. Can you imagine the delight on her face when the clever design first reveals itself?

Hugs, kisses, cooing etc., we know. Her birthday but you might get the present. You're welcome.

Please note that this item is NOT dishwasher- or microwave-safe.


‘Let Her Win, She’s Probably Right Anyway’ Socks

‘Let’ her win. We don’t know how much ‘letting’ is actually happening, but whatever helps you sleep at night.

We had to think about this one – does you wearing a sock equal a present for her? After consultations with appropriate channels, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. (Okay, we asked our wives)

This great product from Blue Q is 52% combed cotton; 45% nylon; 3% spandex and fits men’s size 7-12. Better still, they donate 1% of every sale to MSF (Doctors Without Borders). Help the world, help yourself – buy these socks.


International Swear Dictionary

Travel should not be all about visiting ancient ruins, getting ripped off with ‘tourist rates’ and wondering how in tarnation (first time I’ve ever written this word out) the world assumes all Aussies drink Fosters.

If those things make your girl want to swear, this is the ideal gift for her birthday. The world’s greatest linguists have compiled this great collection of the most impressive and hurtful swear words. The contents will have her washing her mouth out from pole to pole, hemisphere to hemisphere and aardvark to zygote.

Swear words in German, French, Italian and Spanish and many more languages for the mischievous girl.  Also very helpful to figure out whether those smiling and nodding weasels are actually cussing you out.

An excellent companion to the International Scratch Map [hyperlink].


Tea for Two Lovers' Mugs

She is your gentle, sweet and immensely better half, and that is why she loves birthday gifts like this which symbolise of your union.

Stylishly crafted from white ceramic, this is a perfect illustration of ‘two halves of one whole’, that will have you on each other’s minds even if either of you is having a cuppa on their own.

The ceramic is dishwasher- and microwave-safe for your convenience. Please wash before use.

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