Secret Santa gift ideas for under $25

Ahhh, Christmas! Time for the jolly guy to toss his sack of presents over his shoulder and head off on a wonderful journey around the world. While being tracked by NORAD.

Only, he forgets all the grownups at the office. Some sadistic HR person somewhere decided that everyone else should take up the slack, and Secret Santa was born. Do we really need even more presents-selection pressure?

With We Do Gifts, there is no pressure. Affordability is central to the Secret Santa idea and We Do Gifts has a list of great gifting ideas for less than $25. Our unique gifts are made for people of all ages and tastes (and levels of likeability). Here is a brief sample of our cool Christmas gift ideas.


Fishing Rod Holder - $9.50

Know a guy who sits back and lets the world pass him by at the office? Yes, that’s the guy for whom we made this fishing rod holder – the one who finds that even pleasurable activities are too much work.

Let him sit back and sip his beer by the river while the fish eat the bait, reel out the line, and make off with his rod. At least he will still have his We Do Gifts fishing rod holder.



Reversible Neoprene Face Mask 'Skull' (Motorcycling / Snowboarding) - $14.90


You already know which guy at the office is going to love this.

Made of Neoprene for superior comfort and perspiration wicking, this mask comes with an adjustable Velcro strap for its one-size-fits-most design.

There are ventilation holes for the nose and mouth for added comfort and it is machine washable for added convenience.



The Scratch Map - $17.95

They might not go all over the world on reindeer-pulled sleds, but there is bound to be a traveller in your group. This is the ideal Secret Santa gift for them!

Sized a massive 88 x 52 cm for great detail, the map comes with a gold foil cover you scratch off when you visit a new country. Help the intrepid explorer track their travels even if it’s just a haze of beers and bars.

Comes packaged in a high-quality protective tube.



Jewellery Display Tree & Tray - $20.00

Perhaps just as with the Skull mask, you know exactly the person in your group who would love this gift at Christmas.

Yes, the metrosexual man. Okay, also the stylish girly girl.

Beautiful enough to be a conversation piece on its own, this artistic take on the bland jewellery display tree is a great addition to any bedroom, living room or even the office.


The Foot Hammock - $22.90

The perfect gift for anyone who spends waaay too much time at the office…  which means pretty much all of us. The foot hammock is a great way to release the tension as you work, making you more productive (unless you fall asleep).

Deceptively simple, it is all but a strip of canvas attached to ropes with clips to attach to the ends of your table. It is fully adjustable so anyone can use it, regardless of height.

Now, the only question is how you get someone to Secret Santa gift this to you…




Mini Skull Trick Drone - $24.00

 Who would have thought you could have your very own RC stunt drone for under $25? You still can’t – this is a list of Secret Santa gifts for others, remember?

Yes, some lucky person will get a skull-shaped RC drone with a range of 50m, 6-ais gyro control and equipped with LED lights for easy flying and control in the dark. Best of all, it has a one-button Return function so you can sit back and rely on autopilot.

If only that worked for lost keys.



Secret Santa has become the perfect light-hearted entertainment for the workplace to close out the year. If you had a great time looking through our catalogue and wish someone would stuff one of these amazing gifts in your own Secret Santa stocking, why not tell the office about us?

  • Oct 21, 2017
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