Present Ideas for Pets

Whether they are as effusive as dogs or play hard to get like cats, one thing is certain: the only thing that exceeds your love for your pet is your pet's love for you. Just like humans, pets get excited by new things and new experiences.

Here are some great pet gifts that will challenge your little friends both mentally and physically - the ideal way to show them how much you care.

1. Flying Duck Slingshot Toy

Your dog loves playing fetch. You love playing fetch with your dog. Your arm that does all the throwing does not like fetch all that much.

There is a way for all three to be happy - the Flying Duck Slingshot toy!

Made of durable plastic and strong rope, this ingenious contraption requires you to simply hold its neck and pull back on its tail. As soon as you release it, the elasticity of the material helps to launch the bright green missile up to 100 feet (30 metres)!

Up through the air, and then down on land or floating on water, this veritable SEAL commando will keep your little one scampering about in utter delight. With the strain off your throwing arm, you can keep them entertained for hours on end.

Flying Duck Slingshot come in Large and Mini versions.


2. 40 Piece Cat Scratching & Climbing Set

Save your curtains! Save your dresses! Save your pants!

No, it's not a fire raging out of control; it's your cat... raging out of control.

It is one of the great truisms of life that cats will scratch. Here is the perfect gift that will keep your drapery and clothing intact while giving your cats the workout and playtime they love.

This one picture does not do the 40 Piece Cat Scratching & Climbing Set justice. It shows just one of the multitude of set-ups you can construct with the given 40 pieces. Switch things around to keep your furry companion occupied and challenged both mentally and physically.

The set features tool-free assembly – simply slide the pipes into the connectors for an instant cat gym. Just remember not to call it a playground, not a gym in front of them.


3. Aqua Buddy Automatic Self-Watering Bowl for Pets

You will never forget that pang of guilt at those sad eyes peering up at you from above an empty water bowl when you walked in the door. Make sure that never happens again with this clever self-watering bowl.

The Aqua Buddy contains no electronics or fancy parts – simply connect it by any ordinary water hose to a tap and let your pet instantly enjoy a constantly-replenished water supply. It works on the same principle as a washroom cistern so the water level remains level and does not overflow.

Identical in all other respects to any ordinary The drinking lip is a mere 9 cm off the ground, which makes it the perfect accessory for dogs, cats and a variety of other pets.

Each 1.8-itre unit is made of sun-resistant, easy-to-clean polypropylene for durability and effortless maintenance.

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