The wonderful lady deserves more than just one day a year for the crap she had (has?) to put up with from you. If there is one day we would recommend you do just that little bit more, Mother’s Day would be it.

At We Do Gifts, our team has put in a considerable bit of effort to select and showcase a variety of our unique gift items we believe might appeal to – and be loved by – your mum.

Of course, you can always get in touch with us directly through the ‘Contact Us’ page if you need a little more guidance. We’d love to help!


7-Bladed Herb Scissors

If it took 7 seconds before, it will now take just 1; if it took seven minutes before, it will take just 1 now; if it took…. you get the idea.

This creative gift idea is perfect for:

  • The green thumb
  • The culinary enthusiast
  • The craft maniac

Equipped with soft-grip handles that give superior control for every task, this amazing 7-blade scissors can actually be used for gardening, scrapbooking and a host of other cutting activities. Minimise the stress on her aging hands and give her more time to enjoy her day!


Telescopic Back Scratcher

Not the most sophisticated or expensive or imaginative, this is just a practical Mother’s Day gift that will hit exactly the right spot.

The Telescopic Back Scratcher extends a huge 50 cm so no spot is beyond her reach now. Five gently rounded prongs at the end take care of all her scratching needs while the cushioned grip gives her complete, comfortable control.

Do not be surprised if you find her using it for all manner of everyday tasks like:

  • flipping light switches
  • changing channels when she misplaces her remote
  • swatting flies

 All with varying degrees of success, of course.

Available in:

  • Silver
  • Black
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Blue


Stainless Steel Ice Rocks

Having a whisky on the rocks has never been so stylish.  For the lady who is a connoisseur of the finer things, this elegant and beautifully crafted set of chilling rocks will let her savour her single malts like they were meant to be.

Replacing ice cubes, these stainless steel ice rocks imbue any drink with the chill to bring out their best undertones, but without the dilution of traditional ice cubes. To prepare, simply dampen them and place in the freezer.

Perfect for any drink. An excellent addition to the home of anyone who loves to entertain.


Ceramic White Owl LED Lamp

You can already tell from the photo that your Mum is going to love this so much. Delicately crafted from white ceramic, this wonderful statement piece truly seems to have a life of its own when lighted.

Standing 23 cm tall, each feather from top to bottom on this is carefully designed piece comes with intricate patterns; the large eyes are almost hypnotically beautiful.

The warm yellow light from within the translucent ceramic exudes a softness that is calming and soothing, a perfect match for Mum’s own nature.

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