Make Father’s Day a Hit for Dad


Good ol’ Pops, huh? Toiling away all day, all year and gets just the one day in September as appreciation. The cases of beer (tell me you didn’t give just one) might last a week or two but you really should get him something else, too.

Here are a few great unique gifts for men that will serve as a reminder to you both of the bond you share, even if you never speak of it to each other.


Magnetic Katana Bookends

He probably jumped about pretending he was the Drunken Master (which was half true, at least) when he was younger. And yes, he still watches those really lame D-grade ninja and Kung Fu movies when he gets the chance.

The best gifts for men play to their inner child. Now, this exquisitely-crafted set of katana bookends will allow Dad to imagine himself the samurai warrior he always fantasised about becoming.

This novelty gift is creatively engineered to produce the illusion that the ends are suspended in mid-air, impaling the books or DVDs between them. In actuality, the blade and hilt are both made entirely of plastic and the set uses magnets and hidden brackets to create the effect.


Flair Hair - Hat with Hair

Just so you know, part of the reason Dad is bald or balding is the stress you cause him. A cool gift is the way to make it up to him. Sort of, we guess, maybe.

The Flair Hair Hat will allow him to relive his youth when there was more hair on top than coming out his ears. He even comes out looking a bit like Pup in the Lara Bingle era. Pray he doesn’t feel like wearing an ear stud.

(Note to purchasing department: Need ear studs ASAP)

Comes in black with an adjustable Velcro strap to fit all heads.

Plus, it is guaranteed to make him smile. I mean, just look at the before and after pics of the guy in the ad!




Sneaky Binocular Flask

A day at the races, at the beach or on the open sea is never a good place to be without your binoculars. Now, there is an even better reason!

The Wino Bino is a cool gift idea that plays to the Aussie in him that loves his drink and the real Aussie in him who loves to do things the wrong way round just because we are made that way.

Dad will be able to fit 500 ml of his favourite nectar or Mum and he can go halvsies and sneak in 250 ml each of their respective poisons.

Comes with an easy-fill funnel and a plastic carrying strap.


Magnetic Bottle Opener

When getting gifts for the Dad who has everything, unusual gifts are the way to his heart. This one-of-a-kind bar room contraption will save him (and Mum) from the cleaning up. Bless their old bones.

Designed to be mounted on a wall, the hardwood base has an attached zinc alloy opener contraption that will keep beer cap after beer cap dangling where Dad can see them. Becomes more magical as the beer caps mount because:

  1. It is an amazing sight
  2. All things are more fun with more alcohol

The wood is sustainably sourced, so he can feel better about driving his petrol-guzzling truck when he is not drinking.

  • Oct 21, 2017
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