Eight hours of sleep, eight hours of personal time and eight hours of work – that is supposed to be how we break up each day. Today, it is hard to find anyone who adheres strictly to any but the last of those; we may spend more than eight hours at the office but rarely ever less.

The workplace becomes a home away from home and our colleagues, an extension of our families. When a co-worker leaves, whether because they are retiring or taking up another opportunity elsewhere, a small token of your appreciation of the time spent together as friends above colleagues is a wonderful gesture.

We Do Gifts specialises in unique retirement gifts and office gifts that convey your regard. Choose from our wide selection of customized gifts for your co-worker that will bring a smile to their face for years to come. Here is a brief sample of our gifts for colleagues.



The Scratch Map - $17.95

For the avid traveller, or prospective avid traveller looking forward to retirement, this is the perfect office-leaving gift.

Sized a massive 88 x 52 cm for great detail, the map comes with a gold foil cover to scratch off when they visit a new country.

They can mount it at their new office to plan all the time away from the office about which they fantasise.

Comes packaged in a high-quality protective tube.


Have a Nice Day… Not. Mug - $14.90

 Talk to the boss… take a  sip.

Ahhh, tyrants will be everywhere, even at your leaving co-worker’s new office. And for that reason, there is the Have a Nce Day… Not! Mug.

Made of black ceramic with white print, it will allow the wielder of this mug to put their feelings in black and white for the world to see.

A great gift for the remorseless practical joker. If you are one yourself, you could always try not telling them about the bottom and see how long it takes for them to find out.



Hole ‘Punch’ - $9.90

Punching things is bad for your health, unless they are meant to be ‘punched’. Now, you can let your soon to be ex-colleague take out their frustrations on pieces of paper with this punching bag cum hole punch.

Office gifts like these show your colleagues that you know what a pain the office is and gives them the opportunity to pass the pain on to inanimate objects.

The ideal way to let your colleague act out how he or she feels at the new place of work. Also, if their new boss doesn’t like it, they get fired, not you.



Mad Cat Stress Ball - $16.00

Mad as hell? Stressed beyond belief? A cat?

The Mad Cat Stress Ball is meant for you or your soon-to-be ex-colleague.

This zany stress ball cat has eyes that jump literally out of their sockets. Your co-workers and you know how frustrating life in the office can be – this office accessory adds a bit of comic relief to those infuriating moments.

Cute as kittens and tough as nails. Perfect.

  • Oct 21, 2017
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