Best Gifts for Teenagers (That doesn’t involve computer games)

How does it feel to be telling the ‘Back in my day’ stories instead of listening to them? Even if it does make you feel old, it is perhaps the greatest incentive to make your teenager get up off the couch/bed/floor/dirt and start being moulded in your image.

We know how hard it actually is to break them out of zombie mode and so we put quite a bit of thought into cool gift ideas that will appeal to them. The We Do Gifts collection of unique gifts and unusual gifts is a great place to shop for teens of all ages and most interests that will keep them occupied for hours at a stretch.

Mini Skull Trick Drone - $24.00

How many teens do you who wouldn’t love anything with a skull on it? Well, now, they can have their very own… and it flies!

Let them zoom that cranium up and down and all around, inside the home and outside, day and night, rain or shine (okay, I’ll stop now).

This skull-shaped RC drone has a range of 50m, 6-ais gyro control and is equipped with LED lights for easy flying and control in the dark. It has a one-button Return function so they can sit back and rely on autopilot, ideal for keeping things simple and keeping them hooked.


Ostrich Pillow Light - $17.00


I know what you are thinking: Do I really need to give my kids another excuse to pretend they can’t hear me?

Take our word for it - the Ostrich Pillow Light will provide you both with so many hours of peace and quiet to be more than completely worth it.

Constructed of 95% Rayon and 5% Elastomero, it is filled with micro polystyrene balls that provide supreme comfort as well as excellent sound insulation. Thee Ostrich is a personal cocoon of escape from the noise and distractions of the world around your teen.

Plus, what they can’t see can’t hurt them.


A Skateboard - $65 to $159

It really is hard to imagine what a gargantuan debt of gratitude we owe to whoever invented the wheel. From our first trikes to our wheelchairs, it really does make life much easier. And also more fun.

There are few better ways to be one with the Wheel than on a skateboard, the most basic wheeled vehicle. Get your kids out in the sun, working their entire body, learning the subtle intricacies of balance and getting the feel of wind in their hair that they will remember smilingly when they are your age. Not that you are old or anything.


  • Oct 21, 2017
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